1 year ago

I GOT SCAMMED! Parking Officer Issues Ticket to R35 GTR then Removes it, Then Sued for Non Payment

PARKING INSPECTOR SCAM! A little while ago, I recorded this rather strange video clip of a parking officer leaving a ticket on my R35 GTR, taking a photo of it, then removing it..

Months later I received an infringement in the mail PLUS a fine for not having paid by the due date. In Australia, they need no proof to have actually issued you a ticket aside from the photograph of the ticket on your windshield (which he took, then minutes later removed).

In the end the fine was nearly TRIPLE what it should have been.. Luckily we had a dash cam recording the entire ordeal, so we contested the fine.. Seems to be a pretty damn sneaky way to revenue raise! You can obtain the dashcams here: http://goo.gl/NTi31m

Note: For those that asked why I looked at the footage in the first place to find this snippet (as I never had the ticket in my possession) - reason being, I had found what looked like blood on the hood of the car and I went through the video looking for what happened, and spotted this weird anomaly and recorded it for later reference).